Welcome To My Humble Abode

Okay, let’s get this ball rolling! Hi there! My friends refer to me as “you know the one with  the stupid laugh..yeh, her”…but you can call me Lis, welcome my dears. I decided to make this blog because, well, because I wanted to, and because I can, and because I needed something else to do in between sleeping and eating so this seemed like a good choice. I also decided to make this blog because I’m passionate about a few things, food mainly, but two of my passions explain why I made this blog specifically. Firstly, and most importantly I’m passionate about making people happy, sounds cheesy I know, but I had/have another blog and the main reason for that was to make someone smile through my posts, reassure them, or just to make them laugh for a second; that has not changed, and never will.

Secondly, I’m passionate about not being told I look homeless all the time. The clue is in the title, I don’t brush my hair (honestly, it’s a very rare occurrence). My idea of “dressing up” consists of wearing my ombre’ tracksuit bottoms as opposed to my all black tracksuit bottoms, and I’m trying, Lord knows how hard I’m trying, not to get upset every time someone mentions “baking” yet doesn’t produce a cake. It’s just mean. Ok Lis, we’re not doing this again, wrap it up…. All in all this blog is to document my failed and hopefully successful attempts at trying to look half decent. Plus some random posts about food, dogs, and other musings.

*Disclaimer*: I’m ring-light-less, don’t have a fancy camera (yet), and I once used an eyebrow pencil as an eyeliner, lipliner and contour because I couldn’t be bothered to look for my other make-up. Think of me as Cinderella at 00:01. Proceed with caution.

You have been warned.



P.S: Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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