Procrastination: The Death Of Dreams

I didn’t even want to write this post.


I just wanted to lie down, watch the end of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, and then fall asleep.

But I didn’t, I didn’t because over the past few days, weeks, whatever, I’ve been reflecting on my life and what I want from it, and why I haven’t achieved what I want and am not where I want to be.

One word. Procrastination.

I’m going to try and keep this post brief and to the point because I tend to waffle a lot, and I’m currently sitting on the toilet (I’m not peeing, I just had to get out of my room for a moment) and I actually want to go to sleep.

So, back to the point. One of the main reasons I’m not where I want to be is due to procrastination. Procrastination sucks. Procrastination will get you nowhere. There’s a difference between actively putting something to one side for a decent reason and procrastinating and I feel like I’ve been doing the latter. Ah man, this is already long….sorry. You know what? We all know procrastination is not the best so instead of me harping on about how bad it is, here are 5 ways to combat procrastination.

  1. Remove Distractions: This point perfectly explains why I’m sitting on the toilet (not 100%, I could have chosen to sit at a desk downstairs but let’s ignore that fact). Put your phone down (unless you need it), close those Tumblr tabs, tune out, and centre yourself in preparation to get stuff done. Distractions become excuses, and excuses aren’t going to get you what you want.

2.  Be around people who inspire you to do better and be better: This isn’t necessarily a “birds of a feather flock together” situation, but who you spend your time and energy with does have an impact on your productivity. Try to be around those who you know will give you a kick up the behind if you’re slacking, or those who want the best for you. Believe me, there are “friends” who don’t want to see you succeed, and they will try whatever they can to make sure they keep you either at their level, or below. Surround yourself with those who feed you with knowledge, self belief, and happiness, you’ll see a difference.

3. Make deadlines: I think this speaks for itself. You can’t always control what happens in your life but you can try and set yourself a clear path by introducing both longterm and short term goals, and giving yourself a timeframe to achieve them. Remember, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stick to it completely, but at least you know you tried (and you can always extend the deadline if needs be, granted, just make sure you’re still pushing to achieve your goals). If it helps, use visuals, buy a calendar, make a chart, that way, you can physically see your progress which will help encourage you to keep going.

4. Give yourself a break: Don’t push yourself to breaking point (ooooooo punny!). You can only do so much, just remember that. And if you’ve spent the last 6 hours typing up that 12,000 word essay, maybe you should put the laptop down and watch one of your favourite shows, or go eat something you like. Reward yourself. Recharge yourself. That break will give your mind and body the energy to keep going.

5. Create smaller tasks within the task/think positively: Ok, these are two completely different points but I just squished them into one otherwise I could make this list go on forever. Sometimes we procrastinate because the task at hand seems so huge that it cannot possibly be done. Wrong. It can. Just create smaller tasks that work towards the bigger picture. I.E: If you want to create a fashion empire (I don’t know why I chose this, don’t ask me why, I know almost NOTHING about fashion), start small, start sketching, from sketching do whatever it is you’re supposed to do next, I couldn’t tell you. Had to google it because I’m not changing my example. Ahhhhhhh I should have chosen baking a cake!!!! I’m changing my example!!! *COUGH COUGH* For example, if you want to bake a cake, there are steps you’ll need to take, unless you’re Sabrina the teenage witch, you can’t just blink and the cake will appear. Crack the eggs (metaphorically), mix the flour and sugar….do all the other stuff, you get my drift, just take steps.

Lastly, think positive. You are capable, just put your dreams first instead of sitting down doing nothing. Be productive, be proactive, be positive.

cake    Can’t mention cake and then not have a photo of one. That’s just mean.                                                 (Photo from Brit+Co)


Thinking of Manchester <3


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