Attempted Recipe: Sweet Potato Crisps (Chips)

I was browsing food videos on le Youtube and I came across this little gem, which is great because I’ve actually been trying to master the art of making  a veggie crisp. I’ve tried before with the oven but for some reason they came out soggy. So, here we go. It’s crazy complicated guys, there are three whole steps… I know, wtf right?! 

  1. Peel your sweet potato and slice it into thin slices 
     IMG_6442.JPGIMG_6443.JPG(Excuse the nails)

2. Drizzle a little olive oil and your preferred seasoning (salt, pepper, spices, whatever you want) and lay them out separately on a plate laid with (I used kitchen paper…)IMG_6445.JPGIMG_6446

3.Put them in the microwave for about 2 minutes on each side, or until they look ready

*SIDENOTE*Be careful not to keep them in for too long, or on too high a heat otherwise they will burn. 

BONUS STEP: Take them out and shove them in your mouth. You’re welcome

I was going to take a nice photo of them in a bowl but I pretty much ate most of them so here’s what’s left


(I will work on my presentation, “promise”)

You can do this with kale, normal potato, plantain, carrot, and a whole bunch of other veggies, just make sure they are as ry as possible before you start the process. 

P.s. They’re gone, I was literally making this as I was typing and now they’ve gone, I ate them all….so maybe make this in small batches and use it as a cinema snack, or random snack, because if you have no self control like me, this won’t end well. 



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  • Kiki

    Oh my they look delicious! I need to try this recipe! And yeah, I also have no self control like you, I’ll blink and they’ll be gone, so I’ll probably need to make several batches to actually have some leftover. Haha. Awesome post, thanks for sharing.

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