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Life Can Suck Sometimes….

I didn’t even realise that it’s been almost a week since I last posted…I don’t know where the week went, it’s as though my days dragged and flew by at the same time…

This post is going to be quick because I don’t want it to be a long rant and I need to head off to the gym….but yeh

Life has been weird for me lately….I recently took a break from work because I wanted to concentrate on my writing and acting, and to be honest, it’s been hard. I’ve been working since I was 16, and haven’t stopped since, it’s literally been all I knew; so to then go from 100-0 so quickly just threw me offย  completely. I felt lost. I didn’t know who I was outside of work. I felt like I had no routine, no goal, no purpose ….and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling….so here I am writing this to try and remind myself, and others, to just trust the process…..I need to get to know myself again, do the things I like to do, start finding hobbies again, and just live…because it’s so easy getting caught up in the rat race that we forget about who we are once we’re stripped of our survival instincts to just work and block everything else out.

So yeh, sorry if this isn’t all happy clappy fairy dust and unicorn sprinkles but I want to be as transparent with myself, and with you guys as possible…. and if anyone else is feeling crappy, you will be ok. Hang in there bubba <3


hang in there baby


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