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1 Thing Everyone Should Do To Find Love

Hey beautiful people…I was going to do a nice Valentine’s Day Look post but I’m still recovering from the flu and can’t be bothered to put makeup on…maybe I’ll do one tomorrow for national Half Priced Chocolate Day…but also because this thought came to me as I walked my sweaty body home from my first gym session in almost two weeks…so without further ado, here’s my magical advice that will secure you love. Yes, I am an expert. I am not. I think people find it hard to detect sarcasm online so I always have to state when I’m kidding…maybe I’ll use italics next time. Whatever, I digress…so, what to do to find love?

Stop waiting.


Stop waiting for your friends to take that trip you’ve always wanted to go on: Book that ticket, and go. You’re strong enough, and brave enough to manage it solo.

Stop waiting till you have the perfect body or face to think you’re beautiful, because you are: Regardless of those mean thoughts that drive around your brain when you look at yourself in the mirror. So many people who have had dramatic weight losses still don’t feel how they thought they would when they first started their journey. Because despite what people think, the battle isn’t physical, it’s mental.

Stop waiting till you have a bajillion pounds/dollars/rupees/ naira/ whatever currency to start living life: That hobby you wanted to take up, take it up today. Tomorrow is never promised. Your mates don’t want to watch the film you’ve been looking forward to watching at the movies, cool, go by yourself; don’t wait for them to change their minds, go. You want to take up singing in public, go to karaoke. Now don’t get me wrong dears, singing might not be your biggest strength, we can’t all be Adele ok?! But at least you tried, you took yourself out of your comfort zone, and you did something that you wanted to.

And please please please,

Stop waiting for someone else to love you first before you start loving yourself: We live in a time where we are constantly seeking validation from others when we need to start validating ourselves. You need to stop relying on the instant gratification and validation that social media brings us because it’s a dangerous relationship to have. You seriously need to start seeing how amazing, smart, and funny you are…as well as acknowledge how beautifully and wonderfully you are made. Despite what the media and other outlets are telling us.

So when I say ‘to find love’, I don’t necessarily mean with someone else, I mean within yourself..anyone else is just a bonus

Heading off now because I’ve got a date, with the contents of my fridge..Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day whatever you’re doing

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