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Tuesday Thoughts: What Should You Actually Do When Life Gives You Lemons?

When life gives you lemons…

Stop worrying about if the lemons like you or not, or if they’ll taste nice. What about that one time you tried a lemon and it was too sour? Nope, can’t go back there again.

Maybe you’re not good enough to have these lemons, yeh, why do you have them, you don’t deserve them? Plus, not everyone likes lemons so maybe you should wait for an orange to come by instead. Or should you wait for the weather to improve first before you begin, you know, to make sure everything is perfect…? Ah man, that person over there has more lemons than you, no point in trying now, it won’t be as good as theirs.

No, when life gives you lemons, stop thinking and make the da*n lemonade!

Life will give you opportunities, bless you with talent, and hit you with obstacles to overcome, it’s up to you what the outcome will be. You won’t know until you’ve tried so maybe stop playing the guessing game and take the plunge. Be brave.



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