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Don’t You Just Love That Feeling of Coming Home and Taking Off Your Wig…? Wait, What??

Don’t worry, the bra is already off at this point. Anyway….

I wear wigs.

I also wear weaves.

And braids/twists/faux locs…whatever I feel like (and can afford) at the time…it’s usually wigs or weaves though.

A lot of people I’ve encountered still get confused when I tell them that because they assume that me wearing a wig means that I don’t have any hair. Or that I’m trying to be someone else, or my favourite, that I’m running away from who I ‘really’ am. So, before we begin..Yes, I have hair. No, I’m not ashamed of it.

So, why do I wear weaves/wigs/ etc? Because I’m lazy. And also because I like playing around with different looks but it’s mainly laziness because I don’t even bother experimenting anyway. Should really work on that.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a battle to accept myself with my natural hair but I think that’s more to previously not knowing how to maintain it, it used to be extremely coarse…and also due to mean people in school making dumb comments about it which affected my confidence a lot…thankfully I’ve been building it back up over the years. Wow, that was open…is this a therapy session or what?

This is my natural hair btw…

And no, my edges aren’t ‘snatched’ all the time…they’re pretty much never snatched. Why? Because as stated above, I’m lazy. You think I’m joking about that don’t you? Ahh my dears, if only you knew…Anyway, if the need calls for it, like I’m attending a casting or something believe me, I’ll ‘snatch’ my edges as quick as I snatch the last slice of pizza…but for now, it’s really not my priority.

I was going to put some facts here but I didn’t want to make this post too long so I’ll save that for another. I’ll just post some of my different hair looks for y’all.


To all my wig/weave/extension wearers don’t let anyone else make you feel ashamed, fly that hair flag!



  • Rachel

    Okay, that green is absolutely GORGEOUS! I seriously can’t wait to someday escape the corporate/retail world and get back to rocking pink/purple/blue/whatever colored hair again!

    • Lis

      Awww thank you bubba! I think that was my favourite hair colour…I’ve got myself another wig so I’m gonna dye it green 🙂 …Ahh man I hate having to compromise my appearance for a job, I’ve had to take my piercings out so many times because the client “might not like it”… Looking forward to seeing your other hair colours, I hope you can escape soon!! <3

  • Rose

    i love all your diff styles. It must be fun to experiment. Also i think your real hair looks beautiful. I think when people make dumb comments it’s because they are insecure too. It sucks. they shouldn’t take it out on others.

    • Lis

      Thank you honeybun!! Yeh it is really fun and a lot less commitment. I bleached and dyed my natural hair red once and it did NOT go well…so this is a much better option for me. Yeh deffo, a lot of comments are due to ignorance or insecurities so I’ve learnt to ignore them. Thanks for passing through hun <3

    • Lis

      I think I’m the laziest person I know…I literally pop the wig on and go on my merry way…and when I can’t be bothered to brush it which is pretty much always, I stick a hat on top 😀 ..thanks hun <3

  • Jeannette

    Love it, I know exactly what you mean about being “lazy”, I felt that same way when
    I started wearing wigs. Now i’m just giving my edges a rest and letting things “do what they do”. Thank you for your honesty and candidness (I think that’s how you spell it).

    • Lis

      Exactly!! I’m just letting my hair chill, I can’t be bothered of trying to fit into a standard or “template” for natural hair or wig wearing..I pop it on, I do my business, and I whip it off, if my edges want to look crazy, I’ll let them. Not all the time though obviously, I might slick them down on my wedding day. Might. Glad you enjoyed the read honeybun <3

  • nookfinderczar

    I have this friend who wears alot of wigs and i think it’s really cool that she changes her style at such fast phase. I mean,OMG. We get stuck with our normal hair and you guys can be on a different hair style on the next day and still own it! More powers to you and your wigs!

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