Females On Youtube
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My Top 6 Females on Youtube

Hey guys, I tend to spend most of my life procrastinating on on the interwebs so thought I should do an appreciation post for my current  top 6 favourite females on Youtube.

Females On Youtube

These are in no particular order by the way, I’m just numbering them because I like lists.

1. Nikita Dragun

I know a 🔥 emoji when I see one and Nikita is just that. She’s an openly transgendered queen of slayage with a heart of gold. Her fashion is bold and badass and she keeps it real af.

2. GiGi Beauty

I can’t with this woman. Go look at her and tell me this woman is not an absolute beaut. She looks divine with her wigs laid to perfection, and also with her shaved head (I’m pretty sure I look exactly like my dad without my weave). She doesn’t allow herself to be defined by her hair and I think that is so beautiful to see. Plus she’s one of the funniest Youtubers I’ve seen and her boyfriend and daughter are all adorable.

3. Jackie Aina

Why? Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie…Jackie Jackie Jackie. First of all, her makeup skills are ridiculous and her eyelashes can shelter a small family from the rain! She’s stunning, she’s open, and she’s not afraid to call out brands, or people, for their lack of inclusivity or any other things she has a problem with. She’s a voice for those who feel unheard, and I cry laughing watching her videos.

4. Patricia Bright.

Why? It’s all in the name. She is literally a ray of sunshine; I can’t watch her videos without smiling. She’s open, honest, and hard working and I love and respect that. Plus her videos are absolutely hilarious and her whole family are so frickin cute!

5. Jenna Marbles

Why? She is a hilarious, dog loving, spontaneous, beautiful goof. She does the randomness things to both herself, her lovely partner Julian, and her beautiful dogs and I have definitely cried laughing at a few of her videos. She also comes across as a really warm and genuine woman and I love that about her.


6. Nella Rose

Why? Her realness. She is so open and unfiltered in all her videos. It’s so refreshing to see someone that embraces her ‘flaws’, is sure of who she is, and doesn’t compromise that for anyone, even if that means she’ll be demonetised by YouTube (which she has openly spoken about in previous videos).

Do you guys watch these Youtubers? Or have any other favourites that I should hit up?

Let me know <3


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