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Why I Took A Break From Blogging

Do not turn this into an essay

Do not turn this into an essay

Do not turn this into an essay.

First of all, hello my darlings….yes, long time no write. I’ve been on a blogging break.

To be fair, it’s nothing new. I’ve done it a few times before. Why? Because I can. Literally that. And if you need to, so can you.

There is so much pressure on social media nowadays to be switched on 24/7. “Put the time in and the results will come”, which I definitely can’t argue with however, that with the pressure society puts on us to be the best version of ourselves, is where I can’t keep up.

We are all human. We have off days, weeks, months. Sometimes I don’t want to write because I either have nothing I feel is noteworthy OR, I just don’t want to write and that’s ok. I feel the constant pressure to be “on it” has led to so many people burning out, or just churning out content for the sake of it. I started writing my blog because I wanted to help or inspire others, and whenever I feel like I am unable to do that, I take a break. I needed time to work on myself, to grow, to be present in my own life, and to do that I needed to step back from my blog until I felt ready to come back.

And here I am. FIVE MONTHS LATER. Ooops.

But better late then never hey?

I’m going to try and put a little less pressure on myself though to come up with the best content ever. I think that holds me back sometimes because I don’t want to write utter sh*te. But this blog is also my place of refuge. Writing brings me peace. So if my peace isn’t good enough for you then you know where the door is. I’m joking. Seriously, I am.

So here’s to a new year, same me, just more present.

Happy Thursday people


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