• Self love
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    A Letter To You. My Future Self

    Hello you!                                                                                                                                                                                    First of all, just letting you know that YOU put this letter out there on the interwebs so if…

  • Females On Youtube
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    My Top 6 Females on Youtube

    Hey guys, I tend to spend most of my life procrastinating on on the interwebs so thought I should do an appreciation post for my current  top 6 favourite females on Youtube. These are in no particular order by the way, I’m just numbering them because I like lists. 1. Nikita Dragun I know a 🔥 emoji when I see one and Nikita is just that. She’s an openly transgendered queen of slayage with a heart of gold. Her fashion is bold and badass and she keeps it real af. 2. GiGi Beauty I can’t with this woman. Go look at her and tell me this woman is not an…

  • The best doughnuts EVER!
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    Vegan Adventures: Doughnut Time

    Ok I was planning on posting this on Sunday but I fell into a food coma and passed out as soon as I sat on my bed. I met up with my friend for lunch, well no, it wasn’t for lunch actually; we met up for doughnuts, which then turned into lunch/more desserts. He’s vegan, I’m not, but I like trying vegan foods so that was the aim for the day. He’d heard of a magical place called ‘Doughnut Time’ in Shaftesbury Avenue which sells regular as well as vegan doughnuts. They have a whole bunch of amazing doughnuts with the cutest puns ever like ‘Stranger Rings 2.0’, ‘Hans Rolo’,…

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    How To Survive Coachella

    Guten Morgen beauts… Firstly, so sorry I haven’t been posting frequently as of recent…I’ve had a busy few weeks which consisted of travelling to Dubai (blog post pending), rehearsing and performing in a play, a few acting auditions, and then a few days filming. I’ve got some more auditions coming up so need to learn lines for that but I thought if I don’t post something today, I won’t post anything for the next month! SO, NOW WE’VE GOT THAT OUT OF THE WAY!! Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals out there, is happening again…well we’re one weekend down so I’m late but whatever I’ve been to Coachella two…